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Fashion Shoot Extravaganza_Pearl

Diamonds and a Pearl: Guests of Honour at FSE 2019

When the Fashion Shoot Extravaganza (FSE) team first began putting together the event concept of creative visionary, Marie Copps, we sought luxury brands to feature and align with. We wanted to amplify our guest experience by showcasing elements of the luxury industry that often go unnoticed, or don’t often enough get paired together. One of the first companies that we knew we had to align with was Ascentia Diamonds.

With a worldwide clientele, Ascentia is a staple for the highest level of bespoke and exceptional fine jewellery, diamonds, and gemstones. If you are a Bay-streeter with exceptional taste, you will already be familiar with Ascentia. If you hadn’t been so fortunate, FSE gave us a chance to preview pieces selected specifically for the event by Ascentia’s esteemed co-owners. Ascentia’s Marketing Director, Vanessa Grantcharova wore one of a kind pieces, a 22.74ct unheated sapphire necklace with 70.50cts of diamond set in 18kt gold, and floral earrings with 11.50cts of diamonds set in platinum. FSE’s Chief Event Advisor, Andreia McLean wore a 27.63 ct Colombian Emerald necklace with ~30.00ct of diamond set in 18kt gold, along with a 7.72ct Colombian Emerald ring with 1.03cts of diamond set in platinum & 18kt gold.

From left to right: Andreia McLean (Events By Dre), Jake Lewis (Ascentia Diamonds Chief Operating Officer), and Vanessa Grantcharova (Ascentia Diamonds Marketing Director). George Pimentel Photography.

In addition to the stunning jewellery pieces, Ascentia introduced FSE to Abraham Reyes, proud owner of the largest natural blister pearl in the world. The tridacna gigas (giant clam) pearl weighs in at 27.65 kg, was found in the Sulu Sea in the southwest Philippines, and now travels with Reyes as he shares it with onlookers across the world. Something so beautiful and rare cannot merely be displayed without it being placed in a way that is worthy of its rarity. New York sculptor Bethany Krull crafted a solid bronze with 22ct gold leaf sculpted octopus to embrace the pearl. The sculpture and pearl were on display at this year’s FSE event.

Photograph of the pearl courtesy of Events by Dre.