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PHD Furniture at FSE 2019

The vision of Fashion Shoot Extravaganza (FSE) would not have been possible without the generous support of our incredible sponsors. This unforgettable evening of fantasy showcased not only Canadian talent, but also some of Toronto’s most unique and luxurious, traditionally styled furniture. FSE’s platinum sponsor PHD Furniture, featured flawless and delicate designs, rich with history to compliment each segment of the show. PHD Furniture’s President and CEO Saeed Manochehry, was confident that the Fashion Shoot Extravaganza Show would be a perfect match with his company.

“Deciding to sponsor Marie Copps’ vision for the Fashion Shoot Extravaganza Show was not a difficult decision at all. I love when people do something new and it matches my style.”

PHD Furniture’s President and CEO, Saeed Manochehry

PHD Furniture creates timeless and traditional décor, drawing inspiration from the sophistication of the 18th and 19th European centuries. Manochehry opened PHD Furniture in Toronto in 2014 to replenish “the lack of luxury style furniture stores in Toronto”. When asked about his reasoning to partner with FSE, he boasted about how “happy [he] was to be a part of Fashion Shoot Extravaganza because [he] could see how happy and grateful Marie was. Even if it wasn’t helping [his] business, [he would] still support it”.

FSE quickly became the talk of Toronto following its premiere. Marie Copps (COPPS Productions Ltd.) produced a never-before-seen, four-act theatrical fashion concept where guests had the opportunity to walk the red carpet, photographed by George Pimentel Photography, and explore multiple immersive event spaces including a VIP Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) room, personal “cover shoot” shot by Jemelyn Dela Cruz, and a photobooth by PhotoboothTO.

Manochehry attended the entire evening, commenting on some of his favourite moments.

“I really loved the VIP Lounge. Obviously, the whole show – all the acting and everything was really nice. [But] I really loved that the VIP Lounge was an enclosed area where you could see all the effects that goes into creating a magazine cover.”

PHD Furniture’s President and CEO, Saeed Manochehry

The flourishing amounts of positive feedback the Fashion Shoot Extravaganza Show received was amazing, and from a business standpoint, Manochehry was more than pleased, saying how he would “of course love to participate in future events”, and FSE’s next show would be honoured to work with Saeed and his wonderful company once again.

Photos by George Pimentel Photography.