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Philanthropist & Fashion Designer: The Multi-Talented Joan Kelley Walker at FSE

Creative industries such as fashion, beauty, and design, are inherently collaborative as new talent builds on the aesthetics and discoveries of those who came before them. As such, creative communities are built on the foundation of giving back and lifting up the people around you. When thinking of ambassadors who embody the ideals of giving back, community, and lifting up others, there are few people who come top of mind, but Joan Kelley Walker is at the top of that short list.

Philanthropist, Model, Host, Writer, Real Housewives of Toronto star, and most recently, Fashion Designer, Joan is a woman of many talents. Coming from the small town of Wilcox, Saskatchewan, Joan has made a big impact in Canada’s fashion scene using her platform to advocate for charitable organizations such as World Vision and Breakfast Clubs of Canada. Joan exudes kindness and embodies the ideals of giving back and building stronger communities. We are graciously eager to welcome Joan as a Special Guest for our night of celebrating Canadian creative talent.

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