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Producing the Fashion Shoot Extravaganza Film

Fashion Shoot Extravaganza hooked up with Toronto production company, Steel Hammer Productions to produce the gorgeous visuals for the commercial coming this fall!

When creative director and founder, Marie Copps, began this Fashion Shoot Extravaganza journey, she knew she wanted to produce a strikingly beautiful commercial to give her audience a sneak peek of what to expect on February 2nd, 2019,

“I knew exactly what and who I wanted, and how I wanted the commercial to go. I just needed the right Producer who could create my vision.”

The search began for the right production company who would bring Fashion Shoot Extravaganza to life on the big screen. Finally, Copps met the Producer, Anthony J. Baldwin, of Steel Hammer Productions – an entertainment production company specializing in music, film, and multimedia performance in the GTA. “After our first meeting, I knew these guys would do a phenomenal job. They had so much passion and I really resonated with that,” Copps says.

Baldwin knew this would be a challenge for himself and his crew, but he was determined to fulfill Copps’ vision. Baldwin’s right hand man, Benjamin Irwin, Director of Photography, “was extremely patient throughout the shoot. He made sure he captured all the different angles Marie anticipated”.

“Since we are constantly filming music videos and short films, this was a nice change of pace. We had never shot anything like it before. It was so unique. The cast of models and industry professionals shown in the commercial were awesome to work with,” Baldwin says.

After hours of shooting, then fine tuning behind the scenes with editor Adam Stevens, the official commercial for Fashion Shoot Extravaganza will finally be released in October 2018. Stay tuned!

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